Fix Google Redirect Virus

Sunday, December 5, 2010

How to fix google redirect virus

The Google and Search Engine redirect, also known as the 'Google Redirect Virus', although it affects most search engines, is caused by a rootkit (TDL3) which downloads with rogue applications.
Many users have come across this or will be unfortunate enough to come across it and find their searches redirected.
When using search engines users are redirected to other malicious sites or to sites unrelated to the search query.
Removing the rogue application or other malware is usually simple and straightforward using Malwarebytes or Superantispyware but the redirect remains in place.
In many cases this is caused by changes to the System32/Drivers folder and a rootkit being installed in the system which redirects all searches. This is bad news but can also be rectified without too much trouble.
If infected copy the following link and paste it into your browser address bar and download
or click this link:
Save this zip file to your desktop, close all open browsers and any other windows you may have open.
Extract the files from the zip file and click on TDSSKiller.exe - the command window will open and it will scan your drive for hidden files.
Once the scan has finished any rootkits found will be listed and users will see a prompt to reboot to remove the rootkit from the system, simply hit y on the keyboard and allow the system to reboot.
Once rebooted it is always advisable to scan with an antimalware program or you can try the Automatic fix with FixGoogleRedirect

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