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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Google Search Results Redirected to Pop-Ups & Harmful Websites? It is a Virus!

In the past months, thousands of computer users have seen their Google results redirected to harmful website. If you are experiencing this problem, your machine is infected with a virus known as Google redirect. In some online forums, redirect virus is also identified as the Google hijacker.
The Google redirect virus can cause a lot of trouble for you. It leads you to websites that distributes malicious software. In most cases, the sites offer fake antivirus programs. These programs are actually viruses and malwares. Once you download and install the programs, cyber criminals could take full control of your computer.
Delete Google Redirect Virus Immediately, It Is Dangerous
You have to uninstall this virus the moment your Google results redirected to harmful website. Aside from hijacking your browser and exposing your computer to malicious sites, the virus can harm your computer permanently.
First, it slows down your computer considerably because it runs several processes that can use 100 percent of your machine's resources. Second, the virus generates pop-up ads once you boot your computer. Some are adult oriented and porn pop-up ads while others are fake warnings that you need to install a new antivirus program. Lastly, the Google hijacker opens your computer to hackers. Because your browser can be controlled by the virus, you might become the victim of phishing operators and information thieves.
How to Remove Google Search Redirect Virus
There are two ways to delete Google redirect virus. If you have superior technical knowledge of your computer's system, then you can remove Google redirect virus manually. Unfortunately for most computer users, manual removal is dangerous. You can permanently damage your PC if you delete a wrong system file.
Remember that even highly experienced computer users are having a hard time removing the virus manually. They also seek the help of qualified professionals who can remove Google redirect virus automatically. Automatic removal involves the use of spyware and malware removal tool. This is the safest and the fastest option for removing malwares and other viruses from your computer.
What you need to do is to look for recommendations from tech experts on where to find the best spyware and malware removal tool. An anti malware tool automatically scans your computer for infection and deletes malicious programs. The moment your Google results redirected to harmful website, immediately scan your hard drive to detect the malware and completely remove the virus from your machine.

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