Fix Google Redirect Virus

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Virus Redirects Google Search - 3 Steps to Fix Google Search Redirect Virus

It is not uncommon that due to the presence of a special type of infections in your computer the virus redirects Google search in the browser. This is very annoying as upon a search query the user is directed to unwanted web results. To fix this malware you will need to have two good softwares. One is the registry cleaning tool and the other is the malware removing technology.
If both these softwares are used according to the instructions given in this article, the search redirect virus can be removed.
For the Google redirect virus removal follow these steps:
Step 1: Run a registry cleaning scan to clean the Windows registry from traces of the virus that redirects Google search. What happens is that such nasty viruses hide in the Windows registry entries and do come back if the registry is not cleaned.
Step 2: Run an antimalware scan to eliminate the malwares behind search redirect issues.
Step 3 If a virus redirects Google search in your web browsers then you shall also try doing the following:
My Computer > Properties > Device Manager > Hardware > View > Show Hidden Devices. Scroll down to "Non-Plug and Play Drivers" > disable 'TDSSserv.sys'.
These 3 steps have helped a lot of people fix the Google redirecting virus. Are you looking for the quick fix of the same problem? Are you asking yourself why a virus redirects Google search in your web browser? Here are the tools which you need to fix it. Make it sure that you follow the sequence and other antispywares or malwares in your systems are turned off for a while to fix this problem.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Google Redirect Virus - It is Easy to Remove Google Redirect Virus!

What is Google Redirect Virus?
One of my friends came to me telling that he is having a very strange problem which he has never experienced before. Whenever he searches for something in Google, he gets and advertisements, popups and irrelevant search results. This was really strange and I checked Google on my computer and tried searching for the same terms my friend was searching. Everything was perfectly fine and this ensured me that there is something wrong with his system. After searching for symptoms of this anomaly on Google, I found It was the Google Redirect Virus which is extremely dangerous and should be removed immediately.
This virus lives up to its name and hijacks any search or website visit a user plans to make. Instead of the original website, users get redirected to fake websites containing bogus ads,corrupted pages and even more Spywares. The source of this virus can be anything and If you are surfing on Internet for screen savers, Mp3s, downloads, Videos, you'll never know when your system will catch this virus. There are lots of websites which appear as a download website and when your visit them to get what you are looking for, you system gets infected. This virus is spreading very rapidly.
How Google Redirect Virus Harms Your Computer?
This virus is very harmful and getting rid of it is not easy. There can be several other bad effects of Redirect Google Virus but the following symptoms are common:
1. It can change homepage of web browser and prevents user from modifying it.
2. It can redirect web browser to unwanted websites automatically. Those websites usually promotes more virus and scams.
3. It can generate pop ups and when you search on Google, you may be redirected to unwanted web sites.
4. This virus may also block certain websites (Such as Antivirus Websites) so that you can not remove it. It may also block certain security tools.
5. This virus can load commercial fake pop-ups to scare you to purchase certain anti-virus products. However In fact, those Anti-Virus products are malicious themselves and will damage your computer even further.
6.Google Redirect Virus may modify the Windows HOSTS file. The victim ends up visiting predefined website instead of certain address and those predefined websites are malicious.
How To Manually Remove Google Redirect Virus? 
Google redirect virus removal is a must for your system. However, It is extremely difficult to remove this virus manually. First you need to identify the process which is associated with this malware and stop that process. For that you need to press CTRL+ALT+DELETE to open the Windows Task Manager. Click on the "Processes" tab, search for Google Redirect Virus, then right-click it and select "End Process" key.
After that you also need to delete Google Redirect Virus registry keys. Open the Windows Registry Editor by clicking on the Windows "Start" button and selecting "Run." Type "regedit" into the box and click "OK." Once the Registry Editor is open, search for the registry key "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE-->Software-->Google Redirect Virus." Right-click this registry key and select "Delete."
To get rid of Google Redirect Trojan completely, you must manually remove other Google Redirect Virus files. The files of this virus can be in the form of EXE, DLL, LSP, TOOLBAR, BROWSER HIJACK, and/or BROWSER PLUGIN. You need to identify those files and delete them. Honestly there is no way to identify infected files unless you scan your system with a Spyware Remover software. You can remove google redirect virus easily with automatic removal tools. Automatic Removal is totally painless and guarantees the desired results.
How To Remove Google Redirect Virus Automatically?
You need a powerful Spyware Remover software. That's it. You need to run the software and perform a full scan of your system including all hard disks and files. It is quite possible that you are scanning your system for a particular Spyware and you'll find several others as well. Problems doesn't come alone.
You need to run your system in Safe mode and perform a Full scan of your computer. You'll see several infections and infected files on your computer and you can quarantine the infected files in a single click to get rid of infected files and registry entries immediately. After that you need to reboot your computer in Normal mode and you'll find that Virus is gone. You can remove google redirect virus very easily provided your have the right software for the purpose. Internet is no longer safe and you must have a genuine Spyware Remover Software running in your system all the time so that you can catch the malware/spywares/trojans/hoax before your system gets infected.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

What is Google Redirect Virus?

Google Redirect Virus is a nasty peice of malware which is made by some internet criminals to hijack internet user’s search results. The primary reason behind creating this virus is to redirect Google search results and hijack them so as to get users to visit malicious websites and have them buy rogue software or trick them into some other internet scams. The hackers who have made this google hijack virus know that people go to Google everyday to search for information or products and they take advantage of that to illegally earn money for themselves.
There are many of ways through which your system can get infected with this malware, but It is very likely that you visited a malicious website without knowing it. It is very conceivable that you are not well aware which malicious internet site you visited because those websites appear very professional but will still inject the trojan on your computer and sometimes by displaying fake online scanners. The other supportive cause for this infection is that it is very likely that your antivirus software is not capable of blocking and dealing with spywares efficiently.
When your system gets infected with Google Redirect Virus, you’ll be redirect to malicious websites once you click on the search results and It doesn’t matter If you are using Internet Explorer, Firefox of Opera. You’ll search on Google and click on the desired result but you’ll automatically get redirect to a website which you really don’t intend to visit. Most likely, you’ll be redirected to malicious websites which will give more pain to your computer by injecting other Trojans in your system. As soon as you discover that search results are being redirected, please stop clicking on search results and work on solving this redirect virus problem. You can even get some very nasty fake antivirus programs which are very hard to get rid of. You will click on right result but your browser will take you to a malicious website
Many people complain on forums that they have an Antivirus Software installed but their computer still got infected. There are several reasons for this :
1. Your Antivirus software is not capable of detecting and removing spywares. In this instance, you must get a powerful antispyware software in your system which provides real time protection. 2. If your Antivirus software supports getting rid of spywares, it is quite possible that its database may be out of date and without updating its definitions frequently, it will not be able to detect the latest threats. Be sure to update the software frequently and better set the updates to run automatically.
However, most Antivirus softwares are not powerful enough and has no information of Google Redirect Virus in its database and they simply fail to recognize this threat.

5 Tips on How to Remove Google Redirect Fix Virus Permanently - Google Redirect Removal

The new virus or Trojan which has affected many systems throughout the world is called the Google redirect. If your system is also infected with this virus then you would see that whenever you try to search something on Google you are directed to malicious and dangerous websites. Not only that but it also effects the registry files and the messengers installed in your system and in the email file attachments that you send to other people.
In order to remove Google redirect completely from your system, following are some of the tips that you can use effectively. Once the virus has been deleted your system would come back to normal routine.
First, you go to control panel and then look for system- hardware. You need to go to device manager and then to the hidden devices. Once there you need to enter on the plus sign and look for the TDSSserv.sys When you get the file you don't have to delete it. But you need to right click and then click on the option "disable". Your job is done and you have successful remove Google redirect. Then you need to reboot your system now
Make sure that your antivirus program is updated and that you scan your system regularly. This would ensure that you system is always on a check and that it never gets outside and external threats and viruses.
Once you remove Google redirect then you would experience a better system, which runs super fast and with great speed. Moreover, your experience can be similar to running a new computer. You would be able to enjoy your system like before. It is always recommended that you should not download any files from those websites which seem to be dangerous. Good antivirus software is always able to tell you if a website is safe enough for your system or not. You can also browse through to get reviews from other users about the site.
If you want to use any antispyware tool to remove Google redirect quickly then you can look for these tools over the internet. These tools are good for those people who are unable to work on the removal of virus on their own. This software helps them to locate the infected files and then delete them permanently on their own. The user just needs to run the software by the given instructions and guidelines.