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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Blank Page on Google Results? Fix This Virus Now!

You log-in to your computer to find information from the web. You typed a query string on Google's search box. Unfortunately, you get a blank page on the Google results. You made another query and the same thing happens. After several minutes of finding what's wrong with your computer, you gave up and ended up not finding the information you need from the net.
There are several reasons why you could get a blank page when you query Google. It could be a programming error on Google's end but such incident could be fixed by the search giant in a couple of minutes and usually not the case.
The most probable cause of the problem is malware infection and search results hijacking. Your computer could be infected by a Google hijack virus. This virus prevents you from using Google by giving a blank search result or redirecting you to malicious sites. This is one of the latest malware problems bugging millions of computer users.
Getting Rid of Google Hijack Virus Is Not Easy
A blank page on Google results can be fixed but do not expect it to be easy. The Google hijacker is tricky and it hides deep into the system folders. If not properly cleaned, the problem simply reoccurs thus preventing you from using Google and other search engines.
For many months, the Google hijacker virus has caused a lot of headaches even for experienced computer users. Computer experts are finding it hard to delete Google hijack virus. They are getting help from professional malware removal services to completely clean their computers.
If you have been infected by the Google hijacker, you must never attempt manual removal. To remove Google hijack virus manually, you have to delete certain files from your system folder. If you delete the wrong folder, you could end up having a totally unbootable machine. Manual removal therefore is dangerous and exposes your computer from further harm especially if you are not an advanced tech expert.
Best Way to Fix Blank Page on Google Search Results Problem
You should remove Google hijack virus automatically by using the latest anti malware tool. This is the safest and fastest option for you. What you need to do is to find the latest information on security forums to know where to find a fix for the Google hijacker. By using a malware removal program, you can immediately stop the bad behavior of your browser. You will never get a blank page on Google results again.

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