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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

What is Google Redirect Virus?

Google Redirect Virus is a nasty peice of malware which is made by some internet criminals to hijack internet user’s search results. The primary reason behind creating this virus is to redirect Google search results and hijack them so as to get users to visit malicious websites and have them buy rogue software or trick them into some other internet scams. The hackers who have made this google hijack virus know that people go to Google everyday to search for information or products and they take advantage of that to illegally earn money for themselves.
There are many of ways through which your system can get infected with this malware, but It is very likely that you visited a malicious website without knowing it. It is very conceivable that you are not well aware which malicious internet site you visited because those websites appear very professional but will still inject the trojan on your computer and sometimes by displaying fake online scanners. The other supportive cause for this infection is that it is very likely that your antivirus software is not capable of blocking and dealing with spywares efficiently.
When your system gets infected with Google Redirect Virus, you’ll be redirect to malicious websites once you click on the search results and It doesn’t matter If you are using Internet Explorer, Firefox of Opera. You’ll search on Google and click on the desired result but you’ll automatically get redirect to a website which you really don’t intend to visit. Most likely, you’ll be redirected to malicious websites which will give more pain to your computer by injecting other Trojans in your system. As soon as you discover that search results are being redirected, please stop clicking on search results and work on solving this redirect virus problem. You can even get some very nasty fake antivirus programs which are very hard to get rid of. You will click on right result but your browser will take you to a malicious website
Many people complain on forums that they have an Antivirus Software installed but their computer still got infected. There are several reasons for this :
1. Your Antivirus software is not capable of detecting and removing spywares. In this instance, you must get a powerful antispyware software in your system which provides real time protection. 2. If your Antivirus software supports getting rid of spywares, it is quite possible that its database may be out of date and without updating its definitions frequently, it will not be able to detect the latest threats. Be sure to update the software frequently and better set the updates to run automatically.
However, most Antivirus softwares are not powerful enough and has no information of Google Redirect Virus in its database and they simply fail to recognize this threat.

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